Carbide Tooling and Sharpening


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Custom Cutting Tools

We understand that your business cannot afford downtime. We have the fastest possible delivery on your special cutting tool needs.

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Decimal Size Reamers

Decimal sized reamers series 1410, 1410L, 1410R, 1450, 1450L, 1450R. All reamers are solid carbide and have 45 degree cutting chamfer.

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Decimal Size End Mills

Decimal sized end mills single, square, ball end, and more. All end mills are solid Dura-Carb carbide.

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Carbide End Mills

Solid Dura-Carb End Mills. Ball end, square end, corner radius, tapered end, and more. Many sizes available including extra long lengths.

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A wide array of solid carbide reamers is available at NTG including: Short length, over/under, dowel pin, and fractional sized reamers.

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Advanced End Mills

Solid Dura-Carb Advanced End Mills. Alloy steel rougher, Harmon-i-cut, Fantom Five Fluter, Maximus and many more...

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Advanced Drills

We have a wide variety of advanced drills including spiral fluted, four facet notched points, RH spiral flutes, poly drill and more.

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We sell high quality solid carbide drills. Standard, taper, jabber and stub lengths. Drills for Spotting, countersink, circuit boards as well as carbide tipped drills.