Centerless Grinding Services

Centerless Grinding

Send us your parts and we will take care of the grinding. We have been assisting all types of industries including: Plastics, automotive, transportation, aerospace, marine, locomotive and construction. View the video and other media to see what we are capable of. Fill out the RFQ and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Core service details

  • Diameters of .06" to 12"

  • Lengths up to 20' (feet)
  • Small and large runs
  • Exotics, stainless steels

Small Diameter Services

  • Diameters of .006" to .06"

  • Small and large runs
  • Laser micrometer for sensitive materials
  • Ideal for medical items


National Tool Grinding

1514 Veshecco Dr.

Erie, Pennsylvania 16501

Custom Fabricated Parts

In-feed and Through-feed

Centerless grinding from .0625 - 12" Outside Diameter. Tolerences to .00005. Ball feeder available for production purposes. Small and large lots.

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Specialized Centerless Grinding

We specialize in exotics including inconel, monel, stellite and manmade stainless steel. We handle up to 20ft. in length. We currently do not offer grinding for carbide materials.


Special Handling Services

We offer special handling services to save you time and money. Let us handle the packaging and handling for you. Parts may need separation with sleeves and netting products.

Small Diameter Centerless Grinding

Small Diameter Grinding

Centerless grinding for diameters .006" - .06". Tolerances to .00005". Step, radius, angle, infeed and throughfeed grinding.

Small Diameter Grinding in Action

Small Diameter Centerless Grinding

Laser Micrometer

For jobs that require the highest accuracy, as well as jobs involving sensitive materials, we can use laser micrometers for measurements. This will not distort or crack products and is perfect for thin-wall applications.

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American made fabricated products, parts, features is what we are all about. Please send us some information in order for us to best assist you with your next fabrication project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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